Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi Folks,

There's been plenty of speculation in the past few days about who might be in or who might be out in terms of pursuing the Liberal nomination here in Ottawa Centre.

I'll be making a more formal announcement with regards to my candidacy in the days ahead, but I am continuing to move forward with plans to again seek the nomination.

We had a great run in 2007 - and came close with 41% of the vote - but lost to a very deserving candidate in Penny Collenette. Many folks, including myself, were quite surprised that Penny was unfortunately not in position to again pursue the riding for the next election.

I appreciate the support that many of you have extended to me in the past few days, including a number of you who supported Penny last time. Penny was extremely gracious in victory towards our team, and that a number of folks that led our group played an important role in her election campaign reflects strongly on the strength of the Liberal team here in Ottawa Centre.

Nominations are hard work, and we can always use the help. If you are interested in joining our campaign, please flip me a note at

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